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Crafting a Journey. Creating an Experience.

Some clients want us to go above and beyond. They want us to forge a completely unique experience for them.

This particular client asked us to create an advisory board that gathered a large number of thought leaders (TLs) to discuss important supporting information prior to launch.

They needed it to be an experience. They needed it to be a journey.

They needed something that thought leaders would never forget.

And we delivered.

First, to illustrate that the client genuinely listens to and values the TL’s opinions, we decided that instead of choosing the city where the event would take place, we would allow the attendees to decide.

We held multiple rounds of polling to hone the list of preferred destinations.

In the first round, the TLs were asked to pick three cities and denote why those locations would be the best fit for the advisory activity.

After data collection, we created a list of the most popular choices and had two more rounds, finishing with a live voting Website and interactive app.

They loved being asked where they wanted to go. And, of course, they chose New York City.

To announce this decision and keep the TLs involved and excited, we sent out a highly designed e-blast and created a video to highlight logistical information and remind the attendees of the significance of their involvement.

We also sent a pre-work mailer to prepare the TLs for the event and created a “what I like” section, using this information later at the live event.

“We have landed.” And the event began.

When the TLs arrived, they received a welcome packet and a Trivia Passport that highlighted fun facts about New York City. These were designed to provide a transition between their previous travel experiences and our new theme, “Energize New York.”

At the advisory board, we infused even more uniqueness into their journey by introducing a mix-and-match activity, where the TLs were asked to mix and match the photos and emojis provided in the pre-work activity to the advisor who chose them.

We followed this community-building moment with a Lego activity, an interactive activity to gain new insights from the TLs in a fresh and innovative way.

To cap off the entire journey, we took advantage of the attendees’ inherent competitive streaks and held a scavenger hunt that started at their hotel and ended at their dinner location.

It was a hit.

Both the client and the TLs raved about the entire experience.

People learn when they are engaged and feel valued, and that was our goal.

We created an interactive event for these participants, and both they and the client left with strong insights and an amazing memory to share with their peers.