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Differentiate From the Competitor. Depict the MOA. All on One Slide.

We were working in one of the most challenging medical areas.

Because of the complexity of the mechanisms involved in the response to outside or inside challenges, information about this branch of medicine is almost impossible to distill into a simple and understandable format.

But that’s what our client asked for.

They had developed a pharmaceutical drug for this disease. This drug was more effective than anything on the market because it could inhibit a specific target within the disease pathway instead of impeding the entire pathway like most other competing products.

The client needed us to develop a single slide depicting the MOA for the drug and prioritizing the most important parts of the disease pathway.

In a simple manner, we had to explain the steps of the drug’s MOA and the aspects differentiating it from competing products, and we had to ensure that our deliverable contained all additional and alternative pieces of information that could be easily adjusted to the needs of any specific presentation.

To achieve this lofty goal, our teams worked together to research different ways of presenting the MOA and the disease state. We had to decide which parts were most important for the audience to understand and explore the means to show the negative effect of targeting too many molecules within the pathway.

Essentially, we had to find a way to refine our language to convey complex scientific ideas in a concise manner while avoiding oversimplification.

It was not an easy task, but after much hard work and countless rounds of editing, we created a highly customizable document highlighting the disease state that the designed drug targeted.

In the end, the client’s goals were not only met—they were exceeded.

The client loved the slide. In a single slide, we showed the main pathway that becomes dysregulated when a person is afflicted with this disease, the preferable target within the pathway, the MOA of the drug, and the explanation of the way the nonspecific MOA of the competitors’ drugs may not only lead to diminished efficacy but also create undesirable side effects.

We did what FORCE does best: We took a massive amount of information, researched it exhaustively, and found a creative and pleasing way to make it easily digestible for the target consumer.