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Getting Results: Providing A Data-Driven Presentation

Our client wanted an environment to give healthcare personnel (HCPs) in the endocrinology field an opportunity to have an intimate interaction with their brand. The goal was to let HCPs have their technical questions answered in a setting that didn’t feel promotional.

We were trying to mimic a more academic discussion instead of the standard promotional activity.

And we succeeded.

In this space, individual prescribers for specific patients are an essential part of the market share. Our client’s product was well known, but it wasn’t being used as early as it could be in most HCPs’ treatment algorithms.

HCPs must have confidence in the product they prescribe. They have to believe and understand the safety and efficacy merits of each treatment in their arsenal.

We had to ensure that HCPs had enough knowledge about our client’s product to prescribe it at a more optimal point in the treatment process.

To accomplish this, we wanted to create a program where each attendee’s questions, concerns, and objections could be addressed.

Endocrinologists are typically more data-driven than are professionals in other medical fields, so we needed our program to radiate a data-centered academic feel.

We decided that an open discussion format best matched this desired outcome. It would allow customization to particular group interests while making sure that the conversation stayed on message and on label.

The program we ultimately designed was a discussion about the merits of the clinical study, administration features, and potential benefits to patients.

Rather than using slides or adhering to the typical “lecture followed by a Q&A session,” our program leveraged both a moderator and a participant guide, each armed with FAQs and speaker training materials to best anticipate questions and keep the discussion flowing.

Guide selection and training were critical to the success of this program. The selected speakers each had a strong personality and a deep understanding of both the content and the reasoning behind our chosen presentation format.

This project was driven by the FORCE scientific team.

The client required us to tell the scientific and clinical story of their product. They needed us to craft the right discussion questions and anticipate potential responses or areas of concern.

We had to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

And, with our background in interactive education settings and a deep understanding of adult learning principles, we developed a program that allowed endocrinologists to arrive at their own conclusions and leave with a more positive and accurate appreciation of the client’s product.

We did more than fulfill client expectations.

We surpassed them.