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Roundtable Discussion Results in High-Quality Interaction

Whenever a client launches a new product, it’s critical to ensure that the medical industry is educated thoroughly about its benefits, risks, patient populations, and treatment algorithms.

Fortunately for this particular client, we have extensive experience in reaching target audiences.

Our client had just developed a new pen device, and they needed to inform physicians, nurse practitioners, diabetes educators, and pharmacists that this device is effective for a specific patient demographic.

Drawing from our past experience and success with open-format discussions, we decided that a roundtable program series would be the most potent way to reach this ideal group of medical professionals.

An interactive forum yields strong results.

After plotting programs across the US and identifying targets within a 45-mile radius of each selected city, we developed save-the-dates, invitations, online HCP registration, and faculty letters to create an extremely powerful prospect funnel.

Then our team created an in-depth moderator guide to ensure an on-label discussion and an FAQ information packet to address most frequently asked questions.

Our professional and exhaustive invitation process resulted in an impressive turnout, and our moderator education system allowed our carefully selected guides to answer all pertinent questions, thoughtfully inform the audience, and best support the opportunity for attendees to leave with a comprehensive understanding of how the new product best fit into their treatment algorithm content.

The positive feedback was overwhelming.

In our post-discussion polls, over 80% of attendees responded that faculty member knowledge, style of engagement, and the overall planning experience was “Very Good” or “Excellent.”

Most left with a positive view of our client’s new product and felt they knew enough to confidently prescribe to the appropriate patient population.

At FORCE, we lead with science, and each audience receives a strong dose of easily digestible scientific information.

And at the end of the day, that is our reason for being.