Taking the Sting out of Buzzwords

Published on March 4, 2022

We so often hear terms in the media or in our own virtual meetings, often gleaning definitions through context. To simplify, we have selected a few to highlight and will continue to add. Omnichannel: all implemented channels working together with a cohesive message to provide a personalized, integrated, and seamless experience for the audience, consumer, or user

  • Multichannel: two or more channels that each have their own strategies to engage their end user but do not necessarily connect to each other on their respective messaging or purpose
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM): a process for building and implementing strategic business decisions that support your goals, objectives, and initiatives informed by facts, metrics, data, and analytics
  • Agile Marketing: an approach to marketing that leverages cross-functional teams that manage, iterate, and apply feedback frequently to their work product or process
  • Digital Health/Digital Healthcare: a wide set of interconnected concepts bridging technology and healthcare that utilize software, hardware, and services
  • Digital Therapeutics (DTx): medical interventions that are delivered directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically-evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders1


  1. Bernstein C. Digital health (digital healthcare). TechTarget. Accessed February 6, 2022.,incorporating%20software%2C%20hardware%20and%20services


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