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Creating a Customer Engagement Management Solution

There is nothing more frustrating than missing the opportunity to meet with key customers.

It’s even worse when the same customers are being touched multiple times by multiple team members.

It makes a company look disorganized, and data about each customer get stored in the wrong place or aren’t recorded at all.

We are often approached by clients to help them remedy this common problem, and, though every client is different and has specific needs that need to be met, each customer management solution that we implement follows our consistent internal process designed to maximize client collaboration and result in a fully integrated technological tool crafted to maximize success.

One of our clients needed a solution for managing their users and customer connections at conferences.

Mandatory meetings were not being attended because of a narrowed vision from the user’s perspective, all data were being tracked through disconnected spreadsheets, and teams and schedules were disorganized and full of conflicting calendar events.

They needed help.

After intensive research, the FORCE team identified the appropriate digital solution for their specific problem: a clean and simple program that was easily accessible from a wide variety of devices.

This digital solution had to have a complete handoff, one where no logistical support from us was needed beyond bug fixes and feature requests.

The client wanted their new software to schedule meetings with customers, view customers’ calendar and availability, and send notifications/invitations for meeting changes and updates.

Our client wanted to exude forward-thinking professionalism. We delivered.

After capabilities and discovery meetings with the client, we merged our abilities with their requirements and came up with a content plan and creative brief outlining the exact tool that we would craft for them and the budget needed for project success.

The client reviewed our proposal and offered their feedback, and we made all necessary adjustments as quickly as possible.

Then we had our internal kick-off and got to work.

We designed the user flow and interface and developed the product while working closely with the client, ensuring a launch that their team was happy with and could quickly learn and understand.

Our result fit their expectations precisely.

The tool we produced can organize a company/brand team’s schedules prior to and during a congress event. It serves as a central calendar for sessions, customer meetings, booth interactions, internal meetings, and all possible event designations.

By creating a device-agnostic application, we gave their operations greater insight into user engagement and customer interactions while simultaneously reducing their personnel’s workload and increasing their engagements with key customers.

Since implementation, we have worked closely with the client and listened to each expansion and refinement requirement they requested, resulting in three large software upgrades to their customer management tool so they can better utilize it throughout their business.

We took a client’s weakness and made it a strength, all by leading with science and listening to their needs.