One Team
One Vision

“The intelligence, creativity, and customer centricity of this team are incomparable. The work we do to translate complex science for improved patient care remains a consistent motivation.”

TIFFANY SHAW Chief Operating Officer

“It is a privilege to be part of a team where talented people and science come together to make a valuable contribution to the world. This team is extremely passionate and cares deeply about helping our clients deliver the best work and ultimately improve patients’ lives.”

BROOKE SHEMMS Chief Financial and Compliance Officer

“We lead with science, and our scientific team is not only exceptional scientists, communicators, and influencers but also incredibly kind and good human beings who I am proud of every day. Watching them grow and develop and seeing their work positively influence our world is my favorite part of my job.”

CAROL PROSS, MD Senior Vice President,
Scientific Innovation

“I love being part of a devoted team that combines diverse skill sets to create highly relatable and impactful stories for our clients from complex scientific data. Our work ultimately helps healthcare professionals make informed decisions for their patients.”

BARB LAKIN Senior Director,
Client Services

“I am often amazed by our account team’s abilities to build value-add relationships with clients through innovative solutions, trustworthy partnership, and excellence in strategy and execution. We don’t need to tell anyone what it’s like to work with us—our clients say continually how much they enjoy partnering with us.”

Account Management

“Design is problem-solving made visual.”

Nick Guarracino Senior Creative Director,
Creative and Technology Studios

“I love that every day brings new opportunities and challenges that push us to be better and grow as individuals and as a team. It is truly amazing to work with such a diverse, talented team that is dedicated to applying their talents to make the world a better place.”

RJ STRYCKER Senior Director,
Technology Solutions

“It’s a privilege to consult with our clients and share our vision, experience, and expertise to enhance HCP education and engagement.”

Rod Julian Senior Director,
Strategic Account Development
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