Bringing science to life


Comprising scientific experts and skilled communicators, our staff includes some of the brightest minds in their fields, who bring deep experience and diverse backgrounds. Working on the cutting edge of medical science with complex data, we deliver powerful communications backed by relevant evidence.


Effective communication includes recognizing the emotional journey that HCPs undertake to connect with patients. By combining this perspective with insights, we create clear strategies for engaging, visually stimulating, scientifically driven, and channel-specific communication.


Partnering with stakeholders during the concept-generation process and aligning on objectives propels inspiration to implementation. Together, we define objectives and work proactively to gain input to obtain immediate input and produce proven outcomes.

Bringing Science To Life

The right insight, communicated well, can enhance patients’ lives. We distill complex information into clarity and inspiration. Powered by our three independent companies structured to support the needs of our pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients, our expertise in synergizing clinical data and insights produces engaging, compelling, and behavior-changing results.

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FORCE Communications is excited to be named one of the 2023 Best Places to Work in Indiana in the Small Employer category by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. The work we do through our three operating divisions, DRIVE, PROPEL, and MOMENTUM, is rewarding as we help support “Bringing Science to Life” for our pharma, biotech, and device clients. We celebrate working with awesome teammates in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration to help healthcare professionals improve the lives of patients around the world.