Collaboration Creates Favorable Multichannel Results

Clients often need multiple project phases to fully realize ambitious goals. One client wanted a long-lasting solution to their target education needs and an event to reach a live audience. It was an ambitious project, but we had the capabilities to execute it flawlessly.

First, we were charged with making 6 videos for digital syndication to act as enduring content. We conducted a series of online advisory board meetings, keeping in mind that they needed to be interactive, personal, and enduring to tie into future educational opportunities. The result was a collection of “evergreen” videos that effectively educated the target audience and are still used by the client today.

In the second phase of the project, we developed a series of live educational disease state programs. Our goal was to bring a more relaxed connection to the educational content while providing each attendee with a personalized experience. We recruited professionally trained speakers and chose appropriate venues to accommodate cameras and technology. We conducted live polling during each presentation and allowed the client’s sales team to recruit attendees.

Despite an abbreviated timeframe, we tackled all challenges and gave the client an event aligned with their tenacious vision and expectations. 

Our results speak for themselves: 93% of attendees rated the overall quality of the live event as “excellent” and stated that they would attend an additional educational workshop by the client, and 92% said that they were “very likely” to recommend the program to their colleagues.

We executed an ambitious project with perfection. The client was happy, and their target audience left the event both educated and enthusiastic about the client’s company.


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