Multichannel Engagement Drives Prelaunch Success

Published on February 26, 2019

Partnering with a brand team that had limited staff and resources preparing for a highly anticipated launch, we found ourselves thinking outside the box to deliver impactful engagements within aggressive timelines. To achieve objectives across the board while successfully reaching all audience types within budget, we relied on multichannel marketing. By strategically developing content for use in multiple capacities, we reached a variety of audience types in different engaging and compelling ways.

We discussed our client’s core messages, key audience types, planned conference attendance for the year, and key opinion leader engagement plan to ensure that our developed content had the necessary reach. We then aligned on available channels and wise investment opportunities.

We developed an annual plan that optimized our client’s website, social media platforms, traditional dinner programs, conference activities, and one-on-one interactions with HCPs and sales reps. After identifying all potential distribution channels and touchpoints with our client, we chose content based on target audience and channel. Starting with the core messages and story was key to the success of this initiative; aligning with a client on a message and pulling it through all efforts is critical to a successful multichannel marketing campaign.

We also developed a monthly newsletter for the company website and LinkedIn page that was also eblasted to all registered HCPs. Patient case studies, a disease state awareness slide deck, and an MOA video were featured at live and virtual programs, conference product theaters and symposia, and a faculty-HCP clinical conversations program. We even turned the case studies into a game for a product booth at a key congress—it was a big hit!

Enduring materials, numerous distribution channels, and a strategy supporting both produced outstanding impact. We pulled metrics from all digitally driven initiatives and personal and live touchpoints by using feedback from our client’s customers. None of this would have worked without our plan assessing every outlet for information dissemination. Multichannel engagement allows for budget maximization and frequent, consistent, and relevant touchpoints with key audience members. This leads to greater success for our clients, which ultimately results in better patient care.


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