Differentiate From the Competitors and Depict the MOA—All on 1 Slide

Published on June 12, 2018

We were working in one of the most complex medical specialties. Because of the intricate mechanisms involved in responding to internal and external challenges, information on this branch of medicine is almost impossible to distill into a simple and understandable format. But that’s what our client needed.

They developed a drug to treat a particular disease. This drug is the most effective on the market because it hits a specific target within the disease pathway instead of impeding the entire pathway, as its competitors do.

The client needed a single slide depicting the drug’s MOA to prioritize the key parts of the disease pathway. We had to concisely explain the drug’s MOA and its differences from its competitors. We also had to ensure that our deliverable contained comprehensive information for easy adjustment to any presentation.

Our teams collaborated on ways to present the MOA and disease state. We had to convey complex scientific ideas succinctly but not oversimplify. It wasn’t easy, but the result was a highly customizable tactic highlighting the disease state targeted by our client’s product. In the end, our client’s goals weren’t just met—they were exceeded.

We did what FORCE does best: We took a massive amount of information, refined it exhaustively, and found a creative and pleasing way to make it easily digestible for the target consumer.


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