Maintaining and Enhancing Your Customer Presence in Our Current Virtual Environment

Having an online presence and providing virtual content is not a new practice, in fact, over the last 20 years, virtual opportunities have expanded and been refined to allow for some amazing experiences.  However, with the need for social isolation there is a sudden stop to social situations, including those on which many companies depend.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes in Your Next Digital Project

In today’s fast-paced business environment, more and more projects are going digital. While digital platforms offer advantages in many areas, people sometimes believe that digital media are incredibly easy to create and change. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Numerous pitfalls can derail what should be a fun and exciting way to produce a

Multichannel Engagement Drives Prelaunch Success

Partnering with a brand team that had limited staff and resources preparing for a highly anticipated launch, we found ourselves thinking outside the box to deliver impactful engagements within aggressive timelines. To achieve objectives across the board while successfully reaching all audience types within budget, we relied on multichannel marketing. By strategically developing content for

Scientia Potestas Est – Knowledge Is Power

When I began my career in healthcare over 30 years ago, the business culture was in a stage of evolution that saw an explosion of large provider groups and pharmacy chains, while independent practitioners and pharmacies struggled to compete. Small pharmaceutical companies were primarily generic medication providers, and large pharmaceutical companies balanced their investments between

Experiencing Science Through Virtual Reality

In the UK, a surgeon performs a procedure with the assistance of a virtual reality (VR) camera. In California, a 7-year-old boy’s anxiety is relieved when VR technology transports him from the chemotherapy ward to his home or beautiful distant lands. In Germany, medical students use VR to experience ailments that they’ll eventually treat. In

Heart Health and How We Can Help

In 2004, the American Heart Association (AHA) faced a challenge: cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year, yet many women dismissed it as an older man’s disease. To dispel the myths and raise awareness of heart disease and stroke as the leading cause of death for women, the AHA created

Enabling Passion for Purchase

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on my 30+ years in business and consider the most memorable moments that make up the DNA of my life, my career, and our company. One of the most powerful events was my philosophical evolution from generating sales to enabling a “passion for purchase.” Early in my career,

Tips for Effective Scientific Writing

Do you enjoy creating scientific communications? Are you trying to launch your career or build your reputation as a science writer? Are you unsure of how to write attention-grabbing and engaging articles? Before you start typing, ask yourself what you want your content to accomplish. Know your objectives from the beginning, keep them in mind

Second Helpings – The Pasta Bowl Challenge

One of the great American tragedies is that so many people still go hungry every day. Even worse is that so much food goes to waste. In Indianapolis, one agency that’s helping to combat both of these issues is Second Helpings, https://www.secondhelpings.org. Second Helpings rescues overstocked and damaged cases of food and food nearing expiration and

Working With Diabetes: Family Ties

After having lunch with my 91-year-old grandma, who has type 2 diabetes, she asked me to assist her with her glucometer, which she uses to measure her blood sugar level. I explained that I could read the directions and certainly try, but I didn’t have any experience with glucometers. My grandma has been treating this


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