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Second Helpings – The Pasta Bowl Challenge

One of the great American tragedies is that so many people still go hungry every day. Even worse is that so much food goes to waste. In Indianapolis, one agency that’s helping to combat both of these issues is Second Helpings, Second Helpings rescues overstocked and damaged cases of food and food nearing expiration and

Working With Diabetes: Family Ties

After having lunch with my 91-year-old grandma, who has type 2 diabetes, she asked me to assist her with her glucometer, which she uses to measure her blood sugar level. I explained that I could read the directions and certainly try, but I didn’t have any experience with glucometers. My grandma has been treating this

Getting Results: Building a Data-Driven Presentation

Our client wanted to give healthcare professionals (HCPs) an opportunity to interact with their brand, and they wanted to answer HCPs’ technical questions in a setting that didn’t feel promotional. We wanted to foster a more academic discussion than would the standard promotional activity. And we succeeded. In this space, individual prescribers are an essential

Creating a Customer Engagement Management Solution

Nothing is more frustrating than missing an opportunity to connect with key customers. FORCE is often approached to help clients remedy this common problem, and although every client is unique, each customer management solution follows our internal process designed to maximize client collaboration and success. Our client needed help managing its customer connections. After intensive

Differentiate From the Competitors and Depict the MOA—All on 1 Slide

We were working in one of the most complex medical specialties. Because of the intricate mechanisms involved in responding to internal and external challenges, information on this branch of medicine is almost impossible to distill into a simple and understandable format. But that’s what our client needed. They developed a drug to treat a particular

Collaboration Creates Favorable Multichannel Results

Clients often need multiple project phases to fully realize ambitious goals. One client wanted a long-lasting solution to their target education needs and an event to reach a live audience. It was an ambitious project, but we had the capabilities to execute it flawlessly. First, we were charged with making 6 videos for digital syndication

Crafting a Journey, Delivering an Experience

Each client wants us to go above and beyond to forge a unique experience. One client asked us to create an advisory board meeting that gathered a large group of thought leaders to discuss important supporting product information before launch. They needed it to be an experience, an adventure. They needed something that the thought


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